Same Day Crown

When the health of a tooth is compromised due to a large filling or extensive dental decay or in case of a cracked tooth then this will require a restoration to Provide strength and support for the tooth .this is usually a full porcelain crown or possibly a partial crown.
Cerec is an acronym that stands for Chairside economical restoration of aesthetic ceramics.
At Elanora dentistry ,with our advanced 3D technology ,the Restoration can be completed in a single visit to our dental practice saving you time and unnecessary extra visits.
Porcelain crowns are milled out of high grade porcelain to match the original tooth before it was prepared and the colour is precisely matched to the adjacent teeth

The restoration is metal free and the high grade ceramic material is compatible with a natural tissue found in your mouth.

The Cerec Process

During your appointment you and your doctor will discuss the details of the procedure and will answer any questions you may have.
Your tooth will be prepared and an optical impression will be taken with a 3-D camera which takes only a minute or two .the digital picture is converted into a 3-D model on a computer screen and then using an advanced software the restoration will be designed by your doctor and then the data will be sent to a separate milling Machine which will create your all-ceramic tooth coloured restoration and will be ready to bond and place using our advanced state of art bonding system.

Here are some advantages of this great system

Convenience – Time is precious, you don’t have to waste your time with two appointments two weeks apart, no temporary crowns while waiting for the lab to create your crown.

No dental impressions – your tooth will be scanned and a Digital model is created rather than having to have an unpleasant impression material in your mouth.

Strong and natural looking – cerec crowns are high-quality strong and durable.

Conservative preparation – of your tooth thanks to the high precision Of the system which allows us to remove less tooth structure.